24. Juli 2011

"Jung, schön, erfolgreich" - Young, pretty & successfull


Most of you have probably read it on twitter already: last night was the first night of our theater play i was rehearsing the whole week (well, we already started to work on it in october).
We met at 2 o'clock and started to prepare for the big show. We had to put our whole stuff on the stage, check the lights (which took very very long...) and put of course TONS of make-up on! Even the boys got make-up :)

On our last rehearsal right before the show we unfortunately made a lot of mistakes (even i forgot my lines several times :P) but when we played it infront of the crowd it was just perfect! It was amazing to play infront of so many people! And after the show they were all starring at you like if you were a really big star - it was a great feeling!

The story is about a meeting of 20 school mates which takes place ten years after they have left school. At the beginning they're all cheerfull and happy to see their old friends. But then they start to tell unpleasant stories from their past, e.g. a browl, a car accident or a cheat. In the end of the play, the atmosphere in the cafe is filled with embarassment, grief and anger.

The play was written completely by our drama group itself. We had to produce a play which deals with moral courage and so we started to think about where there is (a lack of) moral courage in our modern society. At the beginning of our production we just improvised several scenes and then wrote whole dialogues for them.

It's a bit sad we had only ONE performance in the town theatre, I really had fun standing on the stage. And on the other hand, everyone should get the chance to see the play at least once - honestly, after playing it i feel really encouraged to care about moral courage and to DO something on case of a browl or a crime! xo

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