29. August 2011

Back in Black

Ooooh yeah, black is definitely my to-go-out-color! 
I really felt like wearing my fake leather pants but to not
look too overdressed i paired it with a simple tee.

I also think that my pink shoes perfectly fit the
outfit 'cause they brightened it up so it wasn't that
dark and it perfectly fit my california shirt!

T-Shirt - H&M
Fake leather pants - New Yorker
Sandales - H&M


After me and my girlfriend took a walk through the palace garden
and took some funny pics of my outfit
we headed for a cocktail bar and sipped some delicious
summer cocktails!

At this point I also have to say that all these pics were taken
with the Hipstamatic App for iPhone!
Unfortunately i don't own one but i guess the Hipstamatic App
would be the only reason for me to get one :D

What do you think of the Hipstamatic App?

xo Ola

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