8. September 2011

Must-haves for fall 2011

Here some pieces everyone should have this fall....
1) Ocher yellow/ mustard yellow is definitely the color for fall this year!
I especially fell in love with pants in this color...but i'm also thinking about
getting mustard yellow thights instead!

2) Fake leather!!! Especially shorts but also long pants.
3) SHOES! - eypecially cowboy boots, wedges, overknees
colors: terra, red, black, camel, ocher yellow

4) Fake fur! I especially adore the plush wests! They
look great (combine them with fake leather stuff!)

5) Stockings/overknees - look great with pants and dresses...
and, the keep you warm in fall and even winter :)

black - camel - terra - dark red - ocher yellow - terra - brown

Hope y'all gonna have a wonderful fall!
(even thought some of you have to go back to me!)

xo Ola

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