14. November 2011

Black Dirt Red

These pics were taken on my shopping tour with my sis last week.
I love to layer my clothes, that's why i decided to wear a vest over my
shirt and tights under my pants (which are actually blue!)

I have to admit that i love these dark colors like dark green 
(shirt) and dark blue (tights) better than the brighter ones :) 
And luckily, it was warm enough to wear my red shorts which
i unfortunately couldn't wear this summer that often...
(And which perfectly matches the ivy..i love ivy :) I absolutely
HAD to take a pic infront of this door! )

Anyway, finally my sister chose something as a birthday present
and we sipped a delicious peach fruit drink :)

Hope you have a nice start of the week!

xo Ola


  1. Wow this outfit is so cute on you!! :) Awesome photoshoots!!

  2. Really nice outfit! Love the color of your shorts!
    And the idea of following each other is great! :)

  3. You have such a great style !! i really like it !! sooo Cool =D we are following you now !! =D would you follow us back ??? =D besoss


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