30. November 2011

Fallen Leaves

Hi everybody!

So i still have a lot of fall pics that i should get rid of before December starts :)

These are photos from a shoot that I did a few weeks ago.
I already mentions several times that fall is my favourite season but
somehow I didn't shoot as much as i wished to do!

So I absolutely wanted to do this photoshoot with the yellow/red leaves
even thought it was really cold (about 0°C!!)

I  borowed the dress from my mum! She used to wear it at the dance parties
she went to. I immediately fell in love with it! It is so pretty and
the fabric is really soft!

So that was the last post for November,
i hope y'all gonna have a beautiful christmas time!!

- xoxo Ola


  1. Gorgeous dress, you look perfect! I love the puffy sleeves and the beautiful neckline. And your hair is such a wonderful color.


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