3. November 2011

She Talks to Rainbows

Hey-hey! Another belated                       summer post! (well, the pics
where already                 taken in fall!)

Anyway, I LOVE maxi dresses and skirts so much but didn't get one by now!
The one I'm wearing in the pics is borrowed from my drama group and I'm allowed
to keep it!!!

A young photographer asked me if I wanted to make some test pics with him
in the palace garden and I knew that I'm gonna wear this skirt FOR SURE!
A felt like a little princess :)

I actually wanted it it to be a summer shoot and although it was quite chilly
and the grass was covered with yellow leaves, we made some
really nice summer pics :)

What photo do you like best? (look at the beautiful
rainbow in the first pics!)

xo Ola

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  1. Gorgeous photos and I love the color combo! The skirt is all perfection!


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