12. Dezember 2011

Believe In Me

 --"Well I've lost the battle and I'm losing the war and I keep on asking myself what for /
If you believe in faith and destiny, well then open your eyes and believe in me" --

Hello everybody!

The lyrics above are from one of my favourite songs of my favourite band. 
I always wanted to name a blog post after this song and finally I did!

It's great how music causes different feelings when you're just listening to it.
When I listen to "Believe In Me", my heart immediately melts away and
I have this warm feeling and no matter what the weather looks like, I think
of a warm summer day!

Thus, I wanted the song name to match the photos and since this year's summer
was quite rainy, I had to wait quite long.. But hopefully fall was very warm and dry
and even recently I still could walk around in a simple shirt and take some pics :)

My Outift:

I bought these shoes at Ann Christine about 2 weeks ago!
I had my eyes on these mustard yellow heels since the first day when they
arrived at the shop but somehow I couldn't make myself save some money
for them & so i've been waiting  and waiting 'till they were put on sale :)

I guess the shirt is from Ann Christine, the little holes it has.

Finally I could create my "dream fall outfit". If you read my post
about my personal must-haves for fall (which for some reason got lost!!)
you'd know how much i love the combo of mustard 
yellow and (brick/terra) red! 

Hope, everyone of you had a good start of the week!!

- xoxo Ola

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  1. Awesome boots and poses! Also loving the red top!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous boots and earrings! Love that colorcombination of the sweater with the boots too. Such a simple look but so beautiful!

  3. That's a really great color of your shoes! Great outfit! :)


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