18. Dezember 2011

Born To Be A Star


How are you guys? Finally a proper style post on this blog!

That's how I was dressed yesterday! In my opinion it was worth a post
that's why i took pics of it today.

You can see the shorts  in my last post but since I took the pics really quickly,
you probably couldn't look at them so well! So here are some better pics! 
Love the zippers!!

You want a cool rocker outfit? Combine red and black - that's how I always
do it! SOme chic booties & a cool band tee or a shirt with a nice print 
(mine says "born to be a star") ...done! :)

Oh and the cap...i'm so obsessed with faux fur & finally i found something nice!

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I want to make my blog more interestening for you!!

Happy sunday everyone!

- xoxo Ola


  1. Süß :) Die Schuhe gefallen mir sehr.

  2. Great outfit! Love the styling! :)

  3. Awesome shots as usual. Loving the background. This seems the perfect outfit for it!! Love the 4th pic!

  4. Lovely pictures and outfit! I love that hat!!! :-) Also, I'd love for you to tell us about your professional shoots!


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