31. Dezember 2011

She's Not Just A Pretty Face


And another year reaches its end. 2011 year was a great year, at least for me.
I met a lot of people, made new friends, I was experimenting a lot -
let's start with my hair color, which was bright red in spring! :)
I also found my personal style and which - according to some feedback -
even inspired some of you! <3

I tried out modeling and realized that standing infront of the camera makes
me so happy & that it's more than just a hobby. Furthermore (and most important!):
I started this blog. 
And thanks to YOU, i'm still blogging. 

I gained a lot of wonderful followers on Twitter & Chictopia who helped me make #3 in the 
chictopia contest and thus, helped my organisation. I'm also very thankful for that.

I don't know how I can express my happiness and my gratitude! But I'd like 
to give you the chance to know more about me. I know that it's awkward  to follow 
one's blog when you know absolutely nothing about that person. So I'd like to start a little
Question & Answer game.
Write down your questions in a comment or tweet me. I'm gonna collect them
and answer them...let's say at the end of january? I'm doing this Q & A thingy
for the first time so just ask me anything.

Thanks and I'll talk to you next year ;)

-xoxo Ola

lace dress - H&M; studded boots - Ann Christine; jewellery - unknown

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  1. love your outfit! the boots are lovely :)
    happy new year! i'm following, too :) your blog is so cute :D



Thanks for the feedback <3