9. Dezember 2011

Start Me Over

My parents tiled my floor this week that's why my room was empty for 
a few hours! Like you perhaps noticed in my last post -
i love taking pics in big rooms with much space!

Second reason why I made this post - I had to show you my LITAS!!
They arrived last week & they're perfect <3 

I wanted to create a cool outfit with a bit of rock'n'roll and I thought
my studded vest will fit perfectly! I'm not that good at DIY but
I guess this vest turned out quite good :) As well as the shorts -
I cut them off myself!

-xo Ola-


  1. Ooooh, girl these are some HAWT shots! LOVE THEM!!!! Great shoes too :)

  2. wow love your shoes! the outfit is really great!! :)


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