5. Januar 2012

Bring Me Back Down

Hello everybody!

These pics are the first ones on this blog taken in 2012!
When my family and I went out for a walk, the strong wind & rain surprised us
so I almost gave up the idea of taking pics! But luckily on our way back home the
sun came out & i could take some pics of my outfit.

I'm wearing a faux fur jacket and light blue jeans which show my 
ankles (which make the outfit look kinda fresher). 

Remember when I asked you to answer my little poll? - Well here are the results:
Most of you prefere seeing pics than long texts passages.
Furthermore more of you asked for more pics from my professional shoots -
luckily I had some of them recently so I will post a lot of pics soon :)

-xoxo Ola

faux fur coat - vintage; pants - Tally Weill; boots - Ana Jeffrey


  1. Gorgeous coat, WOW! Lovely with the black boots and the white jeans, a gorgeous look with a bit of a glam-rock vibe! :-)

  2. wow,great outfit! i like your blog:)


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