12. Januar 2012


Happy Birthday to me! Omg, i'm getting old...18...what a weird number :) I started partying yesterday...went out for a drink with 
only 2 friends but it was definitely the best bday party ever though...we had so much fun!!

Today i'm staying at home & celebrating my bday with my family only.
The birthday cake my mum baked for me looks stunning & tastes delicious!!

But now let's talk about my outfit!
I'm feeling the most comfortable in rocker outfits that's why i "created" this outfit above for the special occasion today :)

The red fake leather pants are to die for!! I immediately fell in love with them, i love this bright red so much!! I'm also wearing 
my favourite shirt (or at least ONE of my favourite shirts!) - with this awesome guitar print!
The studded vest is DIY! And i also love my purse - i like that it's so big so everything fits in it, plus it looks 
like a clutch. Oh, and i couldn't miss out my Litas :)

Anyway, I hope you're having a great day & i'm so excited for  the new part of my life!

-xoxo Ola

fake leather pants - 3suisses; t-shirt - unknown; vest - DIY; boots - Ana Jeffrey; purse - SIX

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  1. Love this outfit! Great red skinnies and the studded vest is absolutely awesome! Super fun shirt too. :-)


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