23. Januar 2012

Meet Your New Love

New Year, new equipment, new blog!
Well, not exactly :) As you noticed, i changed the name and the layout of
my blog - but the content is still the same!!

I felt like trying out something new...add some color, some personal touch!
I let inspire myself by the blogs that i like but i guess it was more like copying them than
actually letting them ispire me...

So here it is - my new, personalized blog! It's more colorful, more girlie, more fun!

Aaaand as I already mentioned - my new equipment: my new cam!
It's a belated birthday present and it took me quite a long time to choose one of so many
different brands and models! But since it's my first reflex camera, i'm totally satisfied!

Allright, I hope your week started well!
Talk to you soon,

-xoxo Ola

PS: Check out the making-of pics from another shoot with 
Daria Gleich on her blog!

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