24. Februar 2012

Under Pressure

I'm baaaaaack!!

So this is the first post since i got back from my trip to Poland.
I visited my family & did some shopping! I will do one or two extra posts with pics from my
trip & tell you more about it. Unfortunately the weather was even colder than in Germany!
And I was already so happy to be able to throw on some of my cool band tees...

Anyway, a cool leather jacket is enough to make an outfit rocker-like & edgy!
Because of the cold weather I had no other choice that wearing some boots..
and the animal printed scarf makes the look complete!

Hope you all have a great weekend,
and i will post the pics asap!

-xoxo Ola

jacket - pimpkie | scarf - primark | boots, top - vintage | bag, hat, shorts - H&M 


  1. love the photos and beautiful outfit too, esp the leopard print scarf

    1. Masz świetny styl!Ten outfi szczególnie mi się podoba :)

    2. Dzięki za radę :) Byłabym wdzięczna gdybyś napisała mi jak to zrobić gdyż kompletnie nie mam pojęcia...


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