26. Februar 2012

Poland - part I

SO today i'm gonna show you the first part of the pics i took in Poland :)

We went to Torun, a city in northern Poland which is famous for beeing the birth place of Copernicus, 
a worldwide known astronomer (you can see him hiding behind me in pic 4). Also it is known for its 
ginger bread industry ;)

Like I said, I've visited my relatives..we stayed at my grandma's small flat (thus our sleeping conditions were very uncomfy).  
One day we visited my aunt & it was a real fun day! We played video games with my 
cousins (car races...oh yeah!). Also they had two really cute pets - the hamster & the doggy!! 
And although i'm not a fan of dogs, I just had to fell in love with this beautiful eyes *__*

Later we have ordered some delicious sushi, one of my favourite meals which never get's
boring! (so much about traditional polish food xD)

I remember that everytime i visited my grandma as a child i was getting bored really quickly but this time, 
time flew by so fast, so apart from last post I didn't have time to take some pics apart from the few 
snapshots! Ok, the weather played an important role as well 'cause it was freakin cold and everyday it 
was either raining or snowing!

ANyway, hope you like the pics, i'm trying to edit & post the rest as soon as possible!

-xoxo Ola

PS: I'm on now - come & say hi =)


  1. Those pics are amazing!!! I love them all! And you look so pretty and chic! :)

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  2. great shots, thanks for sharing :)


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