28. Februar 2012

Poland - part II

Here it is - the second part of the pics from my trip to Poland :)

Well, apart from visiting relatives, i did a lot of shopping. I went to a market (pic 1&2)
where they had a lot of unique & cheap clothes, accessoires, food etc.!
Since there are no markets in my region in Germany, it was a great possibility to 
buy some gorgeous stuff!

The following pics show my walking around can find a lot of these super old
buildings (pic 5) in Poland. Sometimes i'm really afraid that they might collide when i
pass it :/ and of course they don't look so pretty, especially when a brand-new
building is standing next to one of them. But that doesn't mean that they're not 
worth a photo :)

The only comment i can give to pic #9 - grandma's pancakes are the BEST!

Hope you had a great start of the week, new fashion post coming soon!!

-xoxo Ola

PS: I've already mentioned it in the last post, i'm on now!
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