13. März 2012

DYI shorts

Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well today!

These are the DYI shorts i made myself last week...scissors, paint & creativity - that's all! I see a lot of  these
 stars & stripes printed pants in different shops but none of them really catched my eyes! PLUS: making them
 by myself made me save half of the prize =)

So what do you think? Do you have DYI clothes yourself? If yes, post the link below, i'd love to see your
 work :) Btw, do you want me to do a tutorial for these shorts?

Have a nice day, 

-xoxo Ola

PS: FREEBIRD by Lynyrd Skynyrd is stuck in my head all day long that's why I make you listen to it too =)


  1. Love these shorts :) beautiful pictorial aswell.
    Definitely going to redesign my shorts when I have a spare moment sometime

    sophiemayanne xo

  2. cool!!!! i like it! you are so creative! lovely idea!

  3. Great DIY! Will have to try it- thanks for sharing

  4. Another gorgeous pics!!!! Love your shorts so much!!! What a great idea!!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  5. I love the idea! And i love diy! You can see some of the projects on my blog: DIY dress:

    DIY clutch:


Thanks for the feedback <3