2. März 2012

Goodbye Winter!

So here is the long promised fashion post :)

I wanted to test my cam a little bit & see what it is able to do and so i made a little photo shoot 
with my sis. Also I added some more make-up than normal just to make the pics look more 
professional & different from my "snapshots"! I always wanted to have silver eye shadow on
but honestly, i don't think it looks so good on me...haha!

The pics turned out ok...after some editing they're looking quite good, but there aren't
let's say...perfect! ok, of course i have a rudolph's nose on every one of them :D That's winter...

But hey, it's march now & soon it will be officially spring! 
The snow & ice finally melted away... sometimes i was really feeling like blowing the
winter away like the snow in the pre-last pic ;) 

Hope you're having a great start of the weekend! Firstly i'm gonna listen
to my new Def Leppard cd which just arrived, tomorrow i'm going to my friend's bday party
(my outfit's going to be creativ since the motto is BAD TASTE)

-xoxo Ola


  1. beautiful coat ! Most not be perfect to you but photos look good !

    followed you at google, chictopia and !

    xoxo from japan

  2. schöne bilder, das makeup gefällt mir, aber war das nicht unglaublich kalt?:D

  3. beautiful outfit :) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want :)

  4. I absolutely love it!! Your coat is beyond perfection and I really love your bag so much! Where did you buy it?

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  5. your eye makeup is so lovely! so pretty and ice queen-esque haha. Ooh and the tweed coat is to die for! Goes with your makeup and bag so well <3

  6. Your make up is perfect! So icy and it matches perfectly with the snowy background! :-) Gorgeous bag and coat!

  7. amazing make up and great outfit
    great photos

    check out my blog


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