16. April 2012


pants / belt - market; shirt - Ann Christine; flats - H&M; necklace - vintage 

New week - new post! Hope you had a great start of the week =)

On the weekend I accompanied my sister to her horse riding lesson. I used to ride horses for years but
then i stopped because we were moving and school's taking most of my time at the moment. .. but i guess,
after the A-levels i'll continue horseback riding because horses are such wonderful creatures :)
The cute horsie in the pre-last pic was the one my sister was riding this week..

Now to my outfit: i already mentioned my high-waist pants in this post here but they were covered with a
shirt.. my mum and I are totally into high-waisted pants & shorts at the moment! They're just so comfy, your
legs look like ten times longer and they cover your tummy if you're not satisfied with it ;) Plus, they look
absolutely gorgeous! Or what's your opinion?

I also pimped the outfit up with some vintage silver accessoires to give it a more edgy look!

-xoxo Ola


  1. I love the red on this outfit, very nice post! now following :)


  2. you are gorgeous! happy I found your blog today :)!

  3. WHAT AN AWESOME horse!!! how beautiful! And I love your hair! It' s the most gorgeous color!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. hallo my friend!!!!! what a beautiful pics! i love your outfit! combortable!!!

  5. I love it, love your blog, the photos you take with your sis are amazing :)
    following you on bloglovin :)

  6. love the color and that necklace is so pretty!

  7. Lovely!
    Have a nice day...

    Maybe we can follow each others, let me know if you want!

  8. haha I love horseback-riding!! I hope you find the time to continue doing it. these photos look gorgeous, and of course so do you :)

  9. So much love for this ! Gorgeous outfit, I used to horse-ride too, wish I could go back to it - maybe some day :)

    Sophie xox

  10. nice outfit dear !!

    mind to follow each other?


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