21. April 2012

Things I like

Things I like, first ideas
Hello everyone!

Hope you're all doing great! Currently, i'm studying a lot for my A-level exams which start in about a month..
that means, i don't have so much time for blogging and stuff :( But: i am about to edit the pics from a recent 
shoot & hope to release them soon!!

So, as i said, i don't have enough time at the moment for going outside & taking pics of my outfits, so i 
thought, i might do a collage with some clothes & accessoires that fit my a inspiration!

This one shows what i crave for this year's summer in general
studded shorts & basically anything else, pleated skirts & dresses, bustiers, fringes

Hope you like this kind of post =) Have a nice saturday!!

-xoxo Ola


  1. I'm loving the floral print pants. :)

    Oh, and please visit my blog if you have time.

  2. Love all of these pieces. Definitely fits a certain style, quite edgy! Good luck with your A-level exams, I finished mine last year :) What subjects do you study?

    I am now following you :)



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