26. Mai 2012

Into The Great Wide Open

blouse - vintage; skirt - H&M
photographer: Daria Gleich; model: me; hair & make-up: us

Hi guys!!

Sorry for letting you wait so long... here is a new post! Well, some of you might recognize these pics, i have posted them 
right after the shoot for the first time but recently i edited them again, so here they are =)

Hope you like them, as i once said, i love everything that's country and i can tell you some badass
country-inspired posts are following!! =)

So, my exams are almost over, only one more to go! But first, a 2-week-break from school! Finally!
The first week i'm gonna be in Poland, visiting some relatives! Looking forward to it so much!!

Hope you had/have a great time, i'm gonna talk to you again asap!
(Btw thanks for so many clicks on my blog! you guys are great!!)

-xoxo Ola


  1. this is an amazing photoshoot, you are a great model and the photographer is talented as well :)

  2. love these pics, you are so beautiful!


Thanks for the feedback <3