24. Juni 2012

Commenting You Comments

Hey guys!

I get stoked everytime I read all your wonderful comments! I really read every single one & i appreciate all of them!

What I want to achieve with this blog, is not only posting pics, trying to inspire you & talk about fashion..
I also want to get connected to other people who love fashion as much i do and i think blogs are a perfect spot for this!
I want to show you how happy you make me with your comments & reply to them at the same time. 
Also I hope you get to know me a little bit more =)

Here are the sweetest ones ♥

"You are gorgeous! happy I found your blog today :)" - Alycia (Crowley Party)
And i'm happy to hear that ♥

"Gosh! Your so pretty darling.I adore your blog.amazing style!! I'm your newest readers now and looking forward to your future post." - Mitchinheels
Aww thank you! You're definitely gonna see more posts from me! When I started with this blog, it was really depressing to me when i put all my effort in my posts but eventually I received only one or two comments. BUT: Among these few comments there were really nice ones which made me continue blogging! Thanks guys! I appreciate your support, especially from the ones, who support me from the beginning ♥

"I really like your blog dear! Keep posting!" - Floortje
Another comment that proves that it's worth to keep blogging! Thank youuu!

"Amazing dress and fantastic photos! who is taking these? :)" - Monika
Thank you! My sister takes most of the pics. The professional shoots are taken by the photographers I meet, of course. Also I have some friends who are interested in photography, sometimes they help my with the pics (if that's the case, i ususally mention them ☺).

"I really LOVE YOUR BLOG! ur style is great and u are cool :)" - Irene Buffa
Wonder what's so cool about me..haha! ☺

"Love your dress. you have a really great photos in every posts!! <3" - Alexandra Gabriella Audrey
Thank you! =) The thing with the photos is that I'm trying to post high quality photos not only because i'm a *little* photo-maniac but also because it's probably the most important point when it comes to fashion posts. Your outfit can be beautiful, inspirational & even expensive, but it's worth nothing when you don't put it in the right light! That means, try to avoid low quality pics taken with your phone or your web cam, always make sure that you have enough light & don't make them size 'small' on your blog. I know that not everyone of you owns a professional relfex camera and noone expects this from you but always try to take the pics with the best camera you have! First thing people do when they visit your blog is looking at the pics and THEN they decide whether they continue reading or not. So: good pics attract more people to visit your blog. Here are some tips: always make sure to have enought light, daylight is the best, if your camera doesn't take high quality pics, make sure to make a lot of close-ups (they're always good, especially for jewelry or small prints!), chose a neutral background such as walls, don't overdo with photoshop/camera effects and most important: don't exaggerate with the pics! Less is more =)

"I found you from your lookbook profile and i really love all your looks! you are so gorgeous and you really carry off all the styles so well :)" - Jing Qi
First of all, thanks <3 Secondly: another very improtand point: care about you blog! That means, update regularly! I made quite a long break from blogging due to exams and entering the blogger world again was a little hard for me.. I didn't receive as much feedback as i did before i took the break! I was even scared that people would forget me or even unfollow me because nothing was going on on my blog. So here is my advice: post regularly (in general i do twice a week), post outfits that fit the season so more people can get inspired, give variety to your posts/outfits & remove everything that's old (polls that have already ended etc..)

"I like this outfit!!! and music on your blog too!!!" - Boulevard De Roxy
Glad you like the music! I wasn't sure about it at first because i was afraid it might distract you from reading but then i thought that it would give this blog more of a personal touch! Music is another topic that i love and that i love talking about. But i can tell from my experience that when i share a link, noone's gonna click on it. So I chose to be a little sneaky and make you listen to the music i like when you actually come to my blog to read about fashion... ☺

"I love your hair! It' s the most gorgeous color!" - Beckerman Girls
Thanks! Alltough i change the color it all the time :D

"Aww your like a sunshine! so nice!!! Hey it would be a honor if you follow me back!" - Kimy Lemus
Honor?! Come on, girl, I'm not a celebrity or something! =) I'm just a normal girl, living an average life, not a star (but i feel like one when i read comments like this one :3 )

"I loveloveloveeee that jacket. I would steal it from you." - Bonnie
Better not! Otherwise mommy's gonna be mad... ☺ Southbound Again

"Omg these photos are amazing! you're such an artistic soul" - M
Creativity is a foreign word for me! I'm neither creative nor artistic. And when I am, it only lasts for a few hours =) Although i have to admit, that when it comes to photography, the results are not that bad :D

"Great outfit...ur so stylish...btw i like ur pose...really like a real model,are u a model??" - Jessille
Aww you're sweet! Yes, I am a model. I started modeling about a year ago. I met some photographers to do some free shoots to see if I make a good model :D I always loved when people were taking pics of me but wasn't sure if I'm good enough to really work as a model. But the people I worked with were satisfied & told me that I have potential and today I can proudly say that I'm in an agency and I'm really curious If I'm gonna be succesfull ☺

"Well aren't you an absolute stunner??? :) you're such a beautiful model hon." - Izzy
Aww thanks, Izzy ♥

"Your blog is cool and your style is the same! I love the outfit and pics!"  - Kiki Janku
Thankies!! Always love to read that someone like's my style, because it's something very personal!

"I love that u have completely different looks every time!Such a cool work!" - Ana starikova
So happy you noticed it! Of course I have my own personal style but i try to let the outfits look different from each other. It depends on my mood what i am wearing, sometimes i feel like wearing a cute dress, sometimes i crave for pants and a sexy top. The only thing that never changes about my outfits, is the jewelry. I really love wearing rings, especially big rings, unique rings, vintage rings.

"Love these shorts :) beautiful pictorial aswell. Definitely going to redesign my shorts when I have a spare moment sometime" - Sophie-Mayanne
Always happy to hear that i inspired some of you ☺

Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me! Also for following me! - Kiki Janku
Your comments also mean a lot to me! Always! Also I love checking out your blogs! And when I like one very much, i follow back =)

i have just discovered your blog and i'm glad to comment here. You have stunning face, dear. I love ur outfit, too. Great blog ever!! REALLY! - Inggrid Monalita
These are some GREAT words! Well, thanks ☺

"Oh girl you are perfect as always!!!!! all of your photos are amazing!!!" - Under Fashion Arrest
Nobody's perfect. And I'm probably the less perfect person in the world. But thanks for your comment though ♥

Soo..these were only a few from the huge mass of lovely comments i received from you! I hope you liked this kind of post! Tell me if you liked it and tell me if you didn't! I also want to make this blog interesting for you! =)

-xoxo Ola


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Thanks for the feedback <3