6. Juni 2012

Trip to the mountains: Part 1

 Hey guys!!

Though i might post the first part of my impressions from my trip to the mountains =)

This is how my trip basically looked like:

cats everywhere
cows everywhere
 sheep everywhere
 sheep fur everywhere =)
 beer everywhere ;)
 taking a break from climbing the mountains to take some pics :)
 my uncles working on the field in a traditional way
 some landscapes...
my dad joking around!
isn't that too cute??
 mother duck with their babies
 hello you =)
 my sis being the model for me =)
Hope you like the pics! These are the firts ones that i got to edit!

Have a nice day,

-xoxo Ola


  1. Lovely! Looks like your having a nice time:) xx

  2. Wonderful pictures!!! :)
    What a beautiful landscape .. oh and those animals <3

    x Vanessa.

  3. Sehr gutes Bier ;D ich bevorzuge aber Lech


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