12. Juni 2012

Trip to the mountains: Part 2

Hello folks!!

How are you? Hope you're doing great! Today's such a wonderful day: my last official exam is over, the sun is
shining, i'm gonna shoot a new fashion post for you guys & probably have some fun with my friends tonight!
And finally I have enough time to do the things i love: blog + read your blogs, listen to music & discover new stuff
laying lazy on the couch & watch movies, series etc.. that's what i call 'being free'... or at least not having to
study anymore :D

Anyway, I thougt i'm gonna show you the rest of the pics from my trip to the mountains! Please comment if
you like them =)

-xoxo Ola

Some nature...
 the hungry cat at our camp fire =)
 guess whose hand!
 kiss from mr. handsome ;)
 the lovely cottage.. full shoot HERE

 deer horns everywhere..
 i really mean EVERYWHERE :D
 someone's hiding behind the bear..
 trying to talk doggish..
 my favourite shot!
 the cottage from far away =)

thanks for reading =) xo!


  1. oww glad youre free from your studies...i am too, at least, for a while :)))
    i'm really enjoying your pics, mr handsome is a cutie!!

  2. omg these photos are amazing! you're such an artistic soul!


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