3. Juli 2012

Catch Me I'm Falling

dress - C&A; heels - H&M; necklace/bag - vintage
Catch Me I'm Falling - Real Life

Hello people!

Hope you had a good week so far! Let me show you the pics from my prom last week. Most of my friends from other countries had their proms/graduations earlier this year while i was still worrying about what to wear and what to expect from the prom itself. But hopefully I decided everything so spontanic!

When i graduated to high school years ago I've been already talking about prom dresses to my friends - i always dreamt of a colorful maxi dress, not black and not nude.
I even ordered a turquoise maxi dress but some weeks later my mum and i went on a shopping tour and found this nude pleated dress. Quite the opposite of what i planned for my prom. But i fell in love with it straight away that's why i decided to change my plans! haha!
I purchased the heels at H&M months ago & they go perfectly with the dress! I also decided to go to the hairdresser two days before the prom (and almost didn't get an appointment) while other girls went there a couple of times to try out different hair styles. 

And to the prom itself - we've listened to some speaches, got our certificates (during our walk to the principal a song we choose was playing..check out my song HERE ), then there was loooots of food and a few performances (the group i was in performed the 4-chords song by The Axis Of Awesome )

Now I'd like to know what your prom was like, even if it didn't take place this year. Tell me about your prom!
Second question, the most expensive part about my styling was my hair style while a few girls payed a few hundred euros for their dresses only. Would you pay that much for a prom dress too or do you think a simple dress is appropriate as well?
Excited to read your opinions!

-xoxo Ola


  1. ciekawa sukienka ;]

    pozdrawiam, Aieaa.;)

  2. Stunning pictures- you look so beautiful!
    I paid £90 for my dress, as it was half price !:) but hairstyling cost me about the same as my dress I think.. Crazy money just for one night, but I do think that the simpler dresses quite often are the most eye catching xxx

  3. Oh, congratulations, dear!!! You look so beautiful! I love your hair , makeup and dress! And the accessories are so fun and pretty!!!

  4. you look stunning in this dress! I love the pleats and the champagne colour of it <3

  5. Dear Ola, you look so stunning! :)

  6. loovely bag :D you've got beautiful eyes ♥ ;)


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