1. September 2012

Sea Legs

sneakers - H&M; tunic/dress - borrowed from sis; flower crown - DIY
Sea Legs - The Shins

New impressions from the seaside!!
It was a really warm & sunny day so we decided to go out for walk at the beach in the morning!
I took my camera with me in case i wanted to shoot my outfit... and if you know me well enough you 
wouldn't expect less than a photo shoot from me! :)
But this day was just perfect for shooting some pics.. the sun was shining, the beach was half empty
(and the little old man who was swimming in the water has been removed by photoshop ;) ) ..and
the stranded piece of wood made a great location!

Now to my outfit - i borrowed this pastel tunic from my sis (i loved wearing pastels years ago, nowadays 
i'm going for rougher colors!) In case you want to copy this look & wear a tunic as a dress as well, but you think 
it's too short, leggins are the perfect solution! (already wrote about leggins here Are You Gonna Go My Way?)
Paired it with yellow sneakers to add some color & make the outfit more playful! (i think high heels are
overated, cute sneakers are comfy & look fantastic as well!)

The DIY flower crown finishes the look! 



  1. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wonderful. :)


  2. these are such stunning photos! love the blue and pink shades in the backdrop. love your dress too. the pastel purple is so pretty! :)

  3. Sehr schöne fotos und toller relaxter look! :)


Thanks for the feedback <3