8. September 2012

The Hotel Room

cropped tee//mickey mouse panties - H&M; jewelry - vintage

Hey-ho friends,

today i have another couple of pics for you.. another 'little photo shoot'!
The pics were taken in our hotel room at the seaside.. after spending the whole day on our feet, we were 
usually so tired at the end of the day so that we were staying at our rooms & relaxing infront of the TV!
But one night my sis & I got really bored, so we took some shots in the hotel room :)

Exept for pic #2, all the pics above are unedited! I really like how great the red & blue tones turned out
in pic #4! My favourites are of course the pics with the lipstick infront of the mirror :)
Which ones do you prefer?



  1. Amaziiiiiing photos! It must be really nice at the seaside! Love your blog, followed you on bloglovin! Stay amazing! :)


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