28. Oktober 2012

October in Pictures

Hey guys, october is almost over so i thought now is the opportunity to do a
little round up in pictures that i was taking & uploading this month. 
Might do this every month! Let me know if you like this kind of post!!

Fall is probably my favourite season! Definitely gonna take some more pics
in this gorgeous yellow leaves but guess what? It's already snowing! :S

This month i went to see the band Outspoken playing live! They are a metal/punk
band from California & one of the band members is a friend of mine!
(pic is stolen from their facebook page) Check 'em out!

So true!

I'm a photomaniac! Today, this would probably be considered as "old school" but
guess what, i'm still loving to print out my photos & it is so much fun to create and
design a photo album that you can actually hold on your hands :)

My new favourite boots! You could already see them in my previous post!

Uni started for me this month. This is a square on my campus! Already had a couple
of lectures.. it's actually pretty fun!

My favourite tea for cold days: vanilla flavoured tea with raspberry juice :)

haha i love cats!!

New episode of Pretty Little Liars is out! Who's watching it?
Spencer's halloween dress looks a lot like the one i was wearing for one
of my shoots, don't you think? :)

new clothes!! H&M had a super-sale during the last weeks! got a lot of cool new 
stuff which you're gonna see on this blog soon! for example this tribal shirt, had my eyes
on it since the first day, purchased it now for €2 only!

little sneak peek for my halloween post 

last not but least, check out this cool video on how to make really cute
DIY scull leggins! featuring Jen from AgogoFashion!

That's all for now,
-xo Ola


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