19. November 2012


Today i'm gonna show you some pics from one of my shoots (actually two!)
Unfortunately, i wasn't always satisfied with the quality of the pics from my shoots.. so I decided
to do less shoots but improve the quality! Luckily i found a photographer nearby who has an
amazing HUGE studio & great and professional equipment! We already worked together a couple
of times (pics following soon!). And we're gonna continue our teamwork for sure!!
These are the pics from our first two shoots. For our second shoot (the pics infront of the 
white background) he brought us a book full of different poses. So we decided to try out every single 
one. And even if I'm already experienced and usually show a lot of different poses, it was kind of a 
coaching for me anyway. Yay!

Hope you like the pics!  



  1. Wow you are a great model!=)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm so glad you liked it :) I follow you now on GFC and LookBook, hope you can do the same! Keep in touch,

  2. mal etwas andere Bilder! aber gerade das macht sch so interessant! :)
    lieben Gruß ♥

  3. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me!
    I <3 the shooting and the poses. Great work :)

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  4. Love the Black/White Picture!


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