24. November 2012

Spiked headband + rock concert outfit

Hey guys!

I decided to take some time off from studying today since i did a lot for uni this week! I'm studying chemistry  so i'm spending 
a LOT of time in the lab. Also we had some really tricky practical tests.  Anyway, thought i spend some time for updating my blog.

As some of you may know i crazy about my spiked headband! It says, you can wear it in three different ways, as a 
headband, a necklace & a wristband. Of course i tried all of the out which you can see in the pics
above. I ordered 
it here. Unfortunately i lost a spike so i probably have to order a new one. But apart from that i'm very satisfied with the quality!!

Also i decided to go out tonight.. parties & meeting with friends became rare too, lately. My friend's band WASTED, 
a 80s glam rock/metal band is performing today at the festival for newcomer bands in our city.And of course i'm going!! 
Their music makes me feel good! This is the outfit i'm gonna wear tonight:

May take some pics at the venue too & write a little extra post about this outfit.. 
have a nice weekend,

-xo Ola

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