28. Dezember 2012

2012 - Round-Up

 Hey guys!
Only a few days left of the year 2012.. gosh, this year has been so excitting!! Definitely worth doing a little round-up post & share the most exciting moments with you! I also think it's a great way to show my newest readers who i am & what's going on in my life :) Here we go:

Goodbye school, hello university!
Some of you still go to school, while some others already live their college lives.. my graduation from school took place this year! I have to add that i had a really tough time studying for the exams, it was really stressful & caused a lot of sleepless night but in the end, it was worth it!
I decided to continue my education with studying chemistry (something that absolutely isn't fashion or photography related, i know!) I never mentioned it because i wasn't sure if i'm gonna continue it after the first term or not.. today i can say that probably yes, it's actually pretty fun! :)
Apart from the subjects and the classrooms, it wasn't a big change for me! I stayed in my home city and I'm still living with my parents. And i continue living my boring life :D ( haven't been to a single college party this year haha! but this will probably change as soon as it gets warmer) My camera still is my best friend and as you see, i still keep this blog running!

This year i travelled a lot with my family, mostly to Poland. But even if our aim was to visit our relatives, it took us to different places!
Our first big travel took us to the mountains! So good to be back here! If someone made be choose between the mountains/the coutryside
and the beach, i would pick the first one for sure!! I love the scenery and that you are surrounded by nature & different animals all the time!

Posts: Snapshots 1 // Snapshots 2 // Outfit 1 // Outfit 2 // Outfit 3

For our second big trip, we decided to go to the seaside once again! My last trip to the beach was in 2010, during my stay in the US :)
And since the sea in Poland was really cold, we decided to do more sightseeing that actually relaxing at the beach!
We went to a few big cities & saw some famous places in Poland (most of you cannot really relate to them, so let's just switch to the photo shoots...

Posts: Snapshots 1 // Snapshots 2 // Outfit 1 // Outfit 2 // Photo Shoot 

Apart from my graduation and my prom there were of course a lot of other important events this year!
I had a performance with my drama group.. nothing new, there is a performance every year.. exept that this was my last performance at school! Which made me really sad.. i've been taking acting classes at school for six year & acting plus theatre/movies in general became a new hobby for me.. and a new love! The theatre classes, together with the performances helped me gain a lot of self-confidence which of course is important when you stay infront of a camera!

As a huge fan of rock music & bands i got to see at least a few shows this year.. the californian band "Outspoken", our local band "Wasted" and "Musical rocks!", a show during which famous rock songs were performed!

Some wild parties couldn't be missed of course! The less i do with my college friends, the more i do with my old friends! I think it's very important to keep in touch with your old friends even if you go different ways after you finished school! We meet each other very oftern & share our new experiences!
At the beginning of the year one of my friends had a wild (and very "fashionable" birthday party.. check it out!)

Guess that was it.. of course i had some lovely photo shoots too & shooted a lot of nice outfits for this blogs, but more in my next post :) Stay tuned!



  1. Wow, du hast echt nen Hammer Blog mit schönen Fotos und einen guten Stil. Ich wünschte ich wäre so mutig mit meinen "DayOutfits"

  2. Toller Jahresrueckblick!

  3. thanks ! :)
    nice photos :)

    kisses , Aiea !


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