30. Dezember 2012

Features 2012

Hey guys!
Decided to do a last round-up on my blog! Didn't plan it at first but then i saw that quite many sites featured my photos this year :)

Sugarlips is a LA based brand & my first sponsor! They've sent me this gorgeous knitted sweater & featured my photo in their online shop!

At the end of last year, I had a lovely photo shoot with Alexandra from rhmnls (german blog)! Check her post out here! You can find some more pics on my blog:

rhmnls 1 // rhmnls 2 // rhmnls 3 // rhmnls 4

AURA FASHION is an upcoming fashion brand from Cologne, Germany! They plan their first collection for 2013! They asked me if i want to partner up with them & featured some of my pics on their facebook page! Check them out & give them a "like"!

Later this year, the fashion site Coultique interviewed Daria Gleich, an upcoming german photographer & one of my favourite photographers! The site also featured a few pics of me modeling for her! You can check out the interview here! Even if you don't speak german, you should absolutely check out her photography!

Some other shoots I did with Daria:

Too Tough To Die // Roses Are Red... // Damn Girl // Into The Great Wide Open  ♥

 I also got interviewed myself! The lovely Liah from Fireworkers, a portuguese fashion site, asked my to answer a few questions and we talked about my blog & fashion in general! I uploaded a translated version of the interview on my blog, click here!

Fashion Treatment is another lovely fashion site that likes to partner up with bloggers! They do a blogger round-up every week featuring the best street styles of the week! I think it's a lovely idea so i kept on sending them my pics! I also discoverd a lot of cool new blogs!
If you want to be featured as well, just contact them!

Last but not least, thanks to you, my lovely readers/chictopia fans, a lot of my looks made it to the style gallery / the front page of chictopia <3 Thanks for voting & commenting & faving my looks!!

That was it! If you see one of my pics featured on another website, please tell me, that would make me so happy! :) Btw i am about to add some new blogs to my blogger list, so just leave me a link to your blog & i will check it out :))

Happy New Year to all of you,


Thanks for the feedback <3