13. Dezember 2012

No Pain No Gain

scarf - Primark; parka - Ann Christine; sweater - unknown; heels - Anna Jeffrey; earcuff // leggins - ebay
No Pain No Gain - The Scorpions

Whoop - new look on my blog! I already mentioned my spiked leggins a couple of times & finally I featured them in an outfit :)
Went for an edgy look, wearing a lot of dark colors! Meanwhile it's almost too cold for parkas but i think this one looks so stylish! 
I bought it a couple of years ago when i  was preparing for a trip to London, noticing that I should maybe get a parka with a hoodie in 
case of rain :) Today i wish I had bought a green/olive one.. but nevermind!

Also i'm wearing a longer sweater with the leggins & added some accents with my leopard printed scarf
Oh, and did you notice my ah-.mazing ear cuff! Snake jewelry is one of my favourites!! Already have a couple of rings with snakes
and now this earcuff! It's so unique ..and fierce! Love it! 

As for the pics - i was completely uncertain where to take them so my sis and me were walking around a little 
bit and shooting them at different locations :) I really love the ones with the red leaves! But damnnn, it was cold!!

I'm also thinking about posting some christmas pictures on my blog.. but i'm hesitating -  you can find them on almost every blog,
i'm afraid you're already tired of them haha! But I guess i'm finally getting into a christmas mood - baked some cookies, getting
invites for christmas parties everyday.. and already worrying about christmas presents (or should i hurry up??)

Are you in a christmas mood already? :)


  1. Really a great look and nice scarf :)

  2. love your coat!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Amazing outfit! :))


  4. tolles outfit
    gefällt mir total gut.

  5. Deine Strümpfe sind der Hammer :)!

  6. You look absolutely amazing! I really love your leggings and scarf!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  7. These photos are so gorgeous! I love your snake ear cuff and those leggings! Lovely, lovely! :)


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