29. Dezember 2012

Outfits 2012 - Round Up

Here's part 2 of my 2012 round-up series: Outfits. The most popular ones, my favourites, your favourites. Here we go:
 Homeland - denim on denim.. with a touch of red!

 Half-Breed - my favourite floral dress layered with a print tee. This was the first of my outfits that made it to chictopia's front page (the old chictopia)

Southbound Again - a classical black&white look. Every fashion blogger has this one b&w look, here is mine!

 Laid - a grungy look, featuring a band tee, a flannel shirt & washed out pants. First look that was shot in the mountains!

 Halo - look #2 that has been shot in the mountains! A romantic look, featuring a cute floral dress & a cream lace vest.

 I Love Rock'n'Roll - a sexy everyday look featuring this gorgeous knitted sweater, sponsored by Sugarlips

 Are You Gonna Go My Way? - my flanel shirt from Primark worn as a dress.. great look for summer!

 Space Oddity - my Threadsence dress styled with blacks only. Check out the full post to see the great cut-out on the back!

Indian Summer - the title already describes this look very well! Tribal prints were really popular this summer & this dress is a great example! 

 Somebody's Baby - cropped tops, another trend this year! I'm wearing one from SheLikes with a high-waisted pair of jeans!

 Day After Day - an early fall look, including a faux fur vest, my favourite cowboy boots & my DIY shorts. U showed a lot of love for this look!

 Rock You Like A Hurricane - my halloween inspired outfit! You also loved this one very much! :)

 No Pain No Gain - last but not least: a look for colder days.. wearing a parka with this amazing spiked leggins!

This is a comment I received via chictopia. And yes, i think my looks are very different from each other, but still i try to edge up every single one.. with adding something black or fierce jewelry!

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  1. i love your shots! your pics are one of a kind!
    really beautiful!

  2. Beautiful outfits! Half-Breed makes me dream of summer days.

  3. 5 euro nur ?! omg, jetzt hast du mich wirklich neidisch gemacht ♥ :o

  4. Southbound again is absolutely marvelous and I love all of your other looks also! :)

  5. thank you for comment. Very nice outfit!!

  6. Some of your outfits are really great too look at :) Nearly all of them are gorgeous.

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  7. I like your fashion style and your outfits too! I opened a blog these days and I want you to see it hope you like it and please tell me what do you think


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