10. Dezember 2012


Hey guys!

It's monday... ugh, i know! It was snowing so much last night that i skipped classes due to the snow today! 
Anyway, here's a bunch of self-portaits! I'm actually not a self-portaiting look-how-pretty-i-am kind of girl but
the light was just fantastic that day & these should only be some tests of light settings.. but finally, i liked the pics so
much that i thought, i share them with you!

2012 is also coming to its end.. i don't wanna give any last words at this point, only wanted to tell that i've been
scrolling through A LOT of wonderfull blogs recently.. fashion blogs, photography blogs.. i swear, i never felt more
inspired! :) So many great ideas on my mind! I want to change this blog a little. But you're gonna see more in 2013 :)
Hope you're gonna stay with me till then!

Btw, FashionTreatment is having a weekly blogger-roundup on their blog.. click here for their latest round up and
contact them if you wanna be part of this as well! Great opportunity to promote your blog!

And for my german readers: Blogvorstellung auf Skyezoe



  1. Wow, wie hübsch du bist! :) ♥

    Viele liebe Grüße,

  2. hi there,

    you look amazing and so naturally beautiful!

    love it! anyway, followed your blog! and hope to see more of your posts in the future!


  3. You look very pretty in these pics!


  4. was für tolle Bilder :)
    du hast wundervolle Haare :)

  5. Wunderschöne Augen hast du! :)

    lg Klaudia

  6. wunderschöne Bilder (ich schließe mich mal dem Rest an ;) )
    wirklich toll was du mit den Haaren machen kannst, bei mir ist das alles etwas komplizierter ;)
    Lieben Gruß ♥


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