23. Dezember 2012

Wild Christmas

coat // bag // belt - H&M; jumper - New Yorker; pants // boots - unknown

Hey guys!

Is my faux fur jacket adorable or is it not?? In my opinion faux fur is a must-have for the fall & winter season!
I was craving for a leopard printed coat for so long, i went to different stores and saw a lot of nice jackets but i 
was missing the pockets in most of them! A jacket without any pockets? Come on!
Then i saw this baby in H&M and i couldn't resist! It was love at first sight, it even has a hoodie! Plus: H&M
had /still have their midnight sales running so i got 50% off!!

You can either wear it the glamorous way with a lot of jewelry & a chic dress - just like a diva - or give it an 80s
rock'n'roll vibe just like i did, by adding some black leather accessoires like the cowboy boots, the bag and
this badass studded belt! Will feature this jacket in other outfits for sure!!

Secondly, i couldn't resist to take some pics in our mall! It looks amazing during christmas time! My sis and I were
hunting for some last christmas presents yesterday & stopped for a minute to take some pics :) Since you can't 
take any outside, at the moment!

Have a nice end of the weekend! (who's exited for tomorrow??)

-xo Ola


  1. süßer blog :)
    hab für meine leser ein kleines geschenk, kannst ja mal vorbeischauen und dich bewerben wenn du magst! viel glück!

  2. Die Jacke gefällt mir besonders gut :)
    Liebe Grüße & schöne Feiertage!


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