28. Januar 2013

Inspiration for 2013

Hey guys!

At the end of last year i mentioned that there are going to be some changes / new things on this blog.. one of them are 
going to be the inspiraton posts! Whenever i bump into a really cool pic on the web i usually save it to my computer to use 
it as an inspiration for photo shoots, posing or styling! I decided to share the pics with you as well & have these inspiration 
posts from time to time (especially when i have no time to take my own pics / edit them, just like now..)

Today's posts is going to be about the ideas i have for my photo shoots in 2013 in general!
I want to try more extrem make-up, more beauty shots, more extrem styling & more extrem posing!
More editorial shoots, more high-fashion, more vogue-styled shoots!
More emotions, more passion.. more challenges.. and of course more rock'n'roll!


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  1. Very inspiring ç


    Coline !

  2. wow, tolle Bilder!
    Liebst,Carla-Laetititia <3

  3. Tolle Inspirationen! Hoffentlich wird es bald Sommer, dass wir auch endlich leichtere Kleidung tragen können :)

    lg Klaudia

  4. Stunning images!

    Have the loveliest day,

  5. Hey, coole Inspirationssammlung! Wie wär´s denn, wenn du das erste Bild mit nem Fahrrad nachstellst? Würde glatt zu meiner Blogparade passen, Thema Fahrradfrühling.
    Info hier:
    Du hattest mir ja mal geschrieben, dass du eine leidenschaftliche Radlerin bist. Würd mich richtig freuen, wenn du mitmachst!


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