8. Januar 2013

The very first pics // lens review

Hey guys!!
How are you? Uni classes started this week and i'm.. kinda sleepy :D Writing my first exam this friday & i should probably study but decided to take a break & show you the very first pics taken with my new lens (the 2 previous outfit posts were already shot with that lens)! 
I got my reflex cam 1 year ago together with an 18-55mm 3,5-5,6 zoom lens.. it's a great lens, perfect for travelling/taking snapshots.. but since i do a lot of photo shoots (outfit posts) on my own, i wished for a better lens, more precisely: one that creates a stronger bokeh. 
Couldn't choose between the 50mm 1,8 and the 50mm 1,4, but i the end, i bought the 1,4! I saw that a lot of bloggers got the 1,8 for christmas & they seem to be satisfied, but a lot of negative critiques on the internet made me choose the other one! I tested it during the first days & i'm very satisfied, so i kept it!

Here are some examples:
 This is the very very first pic, i took it right after i unpacked the lens! The strong humidity outside made the front of the lens so steamy.. great effect :) But now to the proper pics!

 Here you can already see the great bokeh.. plants are a great object to photograph since they have a lot of details.. can't wait to shoot outside with plants & trees in the background!

 Very close pic of a small object.. would probably look great with every lens! What i especially like about this pic are the small lights in the background! 

Now to some pics of people! The weather is really nasty outside, it's foggy & rainy, so i had no other choice than test the lens inside. I let my sister take some pics of me inside but they turned out really blurry & i got really disappointed & almost wanted to send the lens it back! One day, the sun was shining outside so my sis & i skipped out of the house & took some test pics.. and wow! the pics turned out great! With proper light condisions (enough light) the lens is perfect for people photography!

 Again, great bokeh & a blurry background even on full body shots! (sorry for the cat faces, but otherwise my sis wouldn't let me upload the pics :D ) 

 The auto focus works really well too!

 This pic is completely unedited - just love the brown tones! The colors come out really  rich!

 A shot of an amazing sunset that we had a week ago! Again, the pic is unedited - beautiful colors!!

What i like about the picture: again, the really rich colors! What i don't like: if you zoom in, the pic is slightly blurry! This lens is really great for portraits/pics of people & objects but definitely not for sceneries & landscapes! Firstly, because you have to shoot them from a large distance, secondly the pic is always slightly blurry. But i wouldn't list this as a negative point since the lens simply isn't made for the scenery shots! I will simply have to change the lens for every shoot!

Hope you liked the post, i was planning another photography post for some time already, since a lot of you liked the other ones! In my opinion the 50mm 1,4 lens is absolutely worth its price & definitely great for high quality outfit posts / people photography in general! Hope i could help everyone who is planning on buying a new lens & can't decide :) Now i can't wait for a better weather to shoot some outfits outside!


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  1. Loving the one with the glass and the lights. <3 :) Thinking about a new lens, too.. But I need one for concert photography, not sure which one to get, though.

  2. beautiful photo's!!

  3. Cats all over the town lol
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  4. It looks like a great lens! Those pics are wonderful!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

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