27. Februar 2013

Arctic World

 vest - unknown; jumper - New Yorker; beanie/skirt - H&M basics; bracelet - ebay; boots - Deichman
Arctic World - Midnight Oil

Hey guys!

New outfit for you! Sorry that the pics aren't as great as always, it is very difficult to shoot in winter 'cause it's getting
dark very soon & either me or my sis are having classes till late in the afternoon! so we have to shoot fast to be able to catch
some of the day light! And i have to admit that i was very lazy when it comes to the posing so you're gonna see more close-ups today!

I went for a rougher look when i found that olive vest in my mum's wardrobe! Thought that it made a great look when
paired with these boots that used to be my favourite boots last year! I kinda like this outfit, it is different, more rough and 
grungy, little color palette! that's probably because i'm currently having a crush on the australian rock band Midnight Oil! 
You should probably check the out!
And as we're talking about crushes.. make-up rule #1 is to highlight only one part of the face, either the eyes or the lips.. i like
the trend of really dark & thick eye brows.. my make-up is a little bit Cara Delevigne inspired, since she's my new
girl crush :) do you like it? do you like her?


  1. Echt coole bilder, ich weiß genau wie kalt es ist im schnee bilder zumachen!!
    Wir würden uns sehr freuen wenn du mal auf unserem Blog VORBEISCHAUEN könntest! Vielleicht magst du uns ja ein feedback oder meinung geben...
    liebe grüße L&L


  2. Your look is simply cool and lovely!
    I love you boots <3

    crunchy cheese me

  3. Super look !
    Świetna czapka i bransoleta :)

  4. Ein sehr schönes Outfit. Ich mag die Kombi sehr :)

  5. sehr hübsch <3

    allerliebste grüße,

  6. Hey, hab dich für den Best Blog Award nominiert, schau doch mal vorbei :)


  7. schöne Fotos und tolles Outfits :)

  8. great photos! you are one stunning girl x

    annie / WEMAKEPLANS

  9. Dein Outfit gefällt mir sehr :) Schöne Bilder!

    Liebe Grüße,

  10. Wow, die Weste ist ja toll!! <3 Und ich liebe dein Armband!!


    Mia's Little Corner

  11. Du bist wunderhübsch !!

    liebe deine Ausstrahlung !


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