2. Februar 2013

Bridal Fashion Show

 Hey guys!

Yep, i know i've been talking about the fashion shows for weeks & haven't uploaded the pics till today, i also know that it's already february & i haven't done a january round-up yet & yes, i haven't been visiting your blogs for an eternity (well it feels like this!)... SORRY!
But: as for some of you - uni is really stressfull for me at the moment, i have 3 very important exams in the next 2 weeks.. and since i am a lazy student & haven't been studying regurly, i have much more work to do right before the test!

Anyway, here are the long promised pics from the bridal fashion shows:
The pics were taken at 3 shows by different photographers (that's why they're all so different!)

Dresses by Pia Charlotte; hair styling by Wellness Hair
The shows were part of some local bridal exhibitions. The first one took place in a smaller town, on a smaller stage & with a smaller audience! Anyway, it was such a nice day & such a great experience (this was my first fashion show ever!!) I just love hanging around with the models i work with..girl power :) Plus, the show was a great preparation for the following 2 shows - which took place in Nuremberg infront of a much bigger crowd!
I must admit that i was super-nervous at some moments! And gosh, that permanent smiling gets really exhausting after a while :D but all in all, it was so much fun & i hope i can do this on a regular basis :)


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