3. März 2013

February round-up

 Hey-ho, today I have a february round up for you! On the one hand, it was a really productive month & the other hand, it was the laziest month ever! Read why:
 Studying, studying, studying for my final exams.. // but let's face it: chemistry is fun :) // didn't shoot a lot but already preparing outfits for warmer days!
 browsing through all these old vinyl LPs... // and i even found a few of my fav. bands! // i'm totally crazy about Fleetwood Mac right now, it's been the only thing i've been listening to in the last 2 months.. and they're coming to Europe!!!
 my sunglasses..i'm prepared for spring! // received a package from GiantVintage - this was probably the sweetest parcel i received from my sponsors! Thanks for the sweets! // february outfit featuring GiantVintage FULL POST
 Loving the dip-dye trend!! // Full shoot HERE.. still hoping to get accepted by a couple of agencies // spent valentine's day infront of my desk, studying for my exams; got 2 roses anyway :3
say hello to my new buddy, the evil snowman (1st & only snowman this winter) // Belong by Celine Dion, my favourite scent! bought a new bottle! // rockin the army look FULL POST

Hope you had a fun February too! At the moment i'm enjoying my time off school, trying to concentrate on my blog & modeling! I intended to do more photo shoots right from the beginning of my break but unfortunately it is still so cold outside.. brrr! 
Thanks for your support!


  1. It seems like a great month for you! I hope you will be accepted by all those agencies. :)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  2. The mini muffin seems delicious !! Can i have one ? :p


    Coline ♡

  3. Beautiful photos<33

  4. hi honey! i just love this page! amazing blog <3

    much love,


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