12. März 2013

Summer Inspiration

Hey guys!

Today i have another inspirational post for you! it's all about summer, sun & enjoying life!
I know it's not even spring but that cold weather kinda sucks.. so here are some nice pics to "heat" up your mind!
totally in love with Threadsence's newest lookbook! seriously all of their lookbooks are perfect & i need all of
their clothes :D
Vanessa Jakob Photography
This year i really want to enjoy the summertime more (since i'm craving for summer so bad!!) last year, we made a family trip
to the mountains & to the seaside but apart from that i was spending most of my spare time at home! This year i want to enjoy
the warm weather more, capture a lot of snapshots & tank enough sunshine for the next winter/fall period :)
this year i hope to make another trip to the mountains although it looks really bad for our family trips! my sister's taking part at
a student exchange this year & guess where she's going? to hot cali!! i'm so envious!! anyway, i hope to spend my spare time in 
a warm country too, i even have the chance to travel to one for a couple of weeks! :)

for now i hope that spring comes fast & i really suggest you to enjoy the warm weather too!


  1. uii, das sind aber tolle bilder!! *-* ich mag da erste total gerne und as bild mit dem blumen eis ist richtig schön <3


  2. wow echt schöne inspirationen!
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mal auf unserem blog VORBEISCHAUEN könntest! Vielleicht magst du uns ja ein feedback geben...
    LG L&L


  3. I can't wait for summer this year - I missed out when I moved from Southern hemisphere to northern for Christmas - I need me some Vitamin D.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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