3. Juni 2013

May round-up

 Hey guys! Hey June!
Here's my monthly round-up! Once again i want to apologize for not posting so much recently. University, friends, modeling and the blog.. that's just too much!! My first exams are in about 1 month but i'm already studying since it's really a lot! Plus the clouds decided to stay right over my city & let it rain almost all the shooting outfits is impossible anyway! Some days were even so cold & wet that it made me grab out my faux fur again :D Anyway, here is what my may has been like:
 2 behind the scenes snapshots from an ah-mazing photo shoots at the beginning of the month! as soon as i get the pics, i will post them for sure!
 may has been called Erlangen's 5th season because of the huge festival we have this month! unfortunately i attended it only once this year with my sis! Such a fun day!
 Rock on!         //        Sisters <3        //       yup, i survived this one!
 The only style posts this month (sorry!): BUTTERFLY  //  LOVE IS SYMMETRY ; YOU & ME (actually a photo shoot)
 'cause Rockstars drink Rockstar.. long studying sessions  //  good food with good friends  //  amazing sunsets
 moon fanatic  //  BK smoothies.. worth trying!!  //  having fun skating with my sis!
Attended a catwalk coaching organized by the modeling agency Fisher's House..thanks a lot! Pics by Digital Photo Design

Actually the rather wet & nasty may was quite exciting! I actually had a trip to Berlin planned, me & some friends wanted to participate in a huge modeling audition but unfortunately it has been cancelled! Bummer! It would have been my first time in Berlin! Apart from that -like already mentioned- i have a lot of studying to do but i hope to participate in some exciting projects anyway! So i hope you undestand that my blog's gonna turn a little quiet for the next 2 months (this is especially for my newest followers - thanks for stopping by! usually there's more going on here :) )



  1. perfect insta pics :)


    Coline ♡

  2. Love all the photos - looks like there was some blue sky in there? I know what you mean about the cold though - here in the UK it was still snowing in MAY - insanity.
    Happy studying and work, this follower will still be here when you come back :-D

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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