18. Juli 2013

Jessie's Girl

 dress - RareLondon; clutch - Primark; shoes - thrifted
Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield

Hey guys!

whoop whoop another outftit post! I still have to study A LOT but i just needed to show you this wonderful dress by RareLondon! It's perfect for long & hot summer nights & some of you may know how crazy I am about dresses/tops that show off your back!!

The clutch is part of my Primark haul from Berlin! It's sad that you can find Primark only in some big cities in Germany.. and luckily i had some days off in Berlin so i could go shoppiiing :) Definitely a great & chic accessoire!
I bought these shoes at a flea market in Poland..i just love how you can find such unique things at flea markets! They look a little bit old-fashionated but when paired correctly, they're a real eye catcher! Paired them with a sexy dress to give them a more modern touch.. and also they add some color/print to the basic outfit!
Btw sorry for my hairstyle, i got my hair cut the same day :) Like i already mentioned, i still have a lot of exams so i'm spending most of the time at home, studying.. but: my sister's exchange partner from america is currently living with us.. oh memories come back when i was taking part in exchange program & went to the US a couple of years ago :)



  1. such a beautiful dress :)


    Coline ♡

  2. das outfit steht dir so gut, echt schön
    und das kleid ist ja der Hammer

  3. Kleid und Clutch sind der hammer <33 wirklich tolles Outfit.

    Ivy & Jess

  4. Hey,
    super schöne Bilder und ein tolles Outfit!!! :)

  5. I LOVE the shoes - they're kinda a weird design, but the print is too cool.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  6. Die Schuhe sind ja klasse...und toller Header...

    Liebst, Miss Smith

  7. Die Bilder sind toll. Das Kleid ist echt wunderschön und steht dir wirklich gut! :) Xx

    Mein Blog (

  8. OMG Really, really love it!!

    Lots of love!


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