24. Januar 2014

Showfloor Berlin January 2014

Hallo meine Lieben,
heute zeige ich euch ein paar Bilder vom Showfloor Berlin, nämlich von den Designern für die ich laufen durfte.

Hello lovelies, 
today i have a couple of pics from the Fashion Week in Berlin for you - from the fashion shows that i participated in!

 1. Xess & Baba - casual wear from Switzerland

2. NIX Berlin - chic outerwear and accessoires, muted colors, mostly gray


3. HUT UP - colorful outerwear and dresses

4. Prototype Schumacher - elegant and very feminine everyday and formal dresses, lingerie and swimwear; main colors: maroon, rose and black

5. Julia Starp - she named the collection "Phoenix" and showed the rise and fall of a Phoenix; main colors were red and black, on lizard-reminding jackets, coats and dresses

6. Göttin des Glücks - the designer duo from Austria showed us colorful and sporty fashion for everyday

7. Battenberg-Cartwright - the british designer duo showed us elegant and baroque-inspired formal dresses; the colors were reduced to white and red wih gold accents, eye-catcher of the show: the dramatical make-up

More pics on my facebook page :)

Und wenn ihr selber anwesend wart und Fotos gemacht habt und sie gepostet habt, würde ich mich über Links freuen <3


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